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Giving my regards and my best wishes to AVIC

By Madhavi Jayarathna | Updated : 2023-05-31

I am who is writing this article, Madhavi Jayarathna engaged with AVIC since 2011 as a Quantity Surveyor. During the past 12 years, I involved in several Infrastructure projects on the island-wide with AVIC. In my profession, I have got my first experience working with the Chinese staff in Priority Road Projects 01, and 02 in Uva province connecting the North Central Province, and Eastern Province of the country. The much-improved road will now facilitate the rapid economic growth of the region and act as a crucial link bringing connectivity to the provinces of Sri Lanka.

After completion of the PRP 01, and 02 Uva package I was attached to the PRP 03 Rathnapura Karavita Road in Sabaragamuwa province, and the Southern Expressway Extension Project Section 1. The Extension was expected to improve the flow of goods and people across the Southern Districts, reduce congestion in the biggest cities, and act as a catalyst for the improvement of industries and services required for the socio-economic development of the region. ESEP 1 consists of a 30 km long four-lane Expressway with four interchanges, bridges, underpasses, overpasses, and including the 10.357 km longest Viaduct up to now in Sri Lanka.

Provided over 10,000 job offers to the local staff, AVIC involved in other major infrastructure projects in the country except for the above projects as well. Construction of the Runway overlay at BIA, the Katana water supply project, Island-wide Rehabilitation, and Improvements of the Road network projects, etc, and so on.  Adequate financing, time management, negotiations, and monitoring of the project for the reason that they complete Quality projects on time.

The Company has been performing its corporate social responsibilities in the country and will continue to work with Sri Lanka's social community to contribute towards the development of Sri Lanka. During the past years, they had contributed financial assistance, social welfare activities, and donations to the Employees and the public when the country had faced a hard time.

Donating to the schools, the homes for the aged, and Special Education Schools along the Extension of Southern Expressway from Matara to Beliatta.
Donating to the schools, the homes for the aged, and Special Education Schools along the Extension of Southern Expressway from Matara to Beliatta.
Not only for human beings but even also the company has done an Environmental Protection Program in collaboration with the Employer and Engineer along with the construction of the Extention of Southern Expressway section 1 from Matara to Beliatta.
Donated 3000 face masks to Police Stations in Borella, Kollupitiya, and Cinnamon Garden areas to protect against Coronavirus.
Offered temporary tent facilities to Mulleriyawa Hospital as the quarantine center in the third wave of the pandemic.
Under the difficult circumstances due to the impact of the economic crisis, the company has tried a great effort to prepare some allowance and food for the Employees and their families.

Out of the above are a few examples of the social work done in past years. Eventually, I would like to say that I’m very glad to join with this company and I got value to my profession working on different projects, staff, and different places around the country. This is a good chance I received to give my regards and my best wishes to the company.  I wish the company the best of luck and pray that the always shines on the business and leads the company to extraordinary success.

The story and photos are provided by AVIC.