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Beijing Economic Technological Development Area

Updated: 2018-05-02

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Constructed in 1992, the Beijing Economic Technological Development Area was approved by the State Council as the only national economic technological development area in Beijing on August 25, 1994.

A total of 119 investment projects have been launched by 83 Global Top 500 enterprises in the development area, including Mercedes-Benz, Corning, GE and Bayer.

The "Beijing-ETown" has become a high-end brand with international influence.

It is located at the southeast of Beijing’s Yizhuang district, covering an area of 508.5 square kilometers.


Convenient Transportation

BDA has become a transportation hub connecting various ports and logistics centers, thanks to advanced and efficient modern transportation methods.

Sound Infrastructure

BDA strives to offer a state of the art investment environment with its sound infrastructures. 

Quality Services

There is a "one stop" service hall in BDA, which can offer individualized, professional and tailored services. Here you can find customs, businesses, taxes, drug supervision, public security and fire protection, post offices, telecom bureaus and banks. 

Living Blocks

BDA has developed to become an integral part of Beijing. It can meet the living demands of people with different expectations. 

A cluster of professionals

In order to bring in high-end professionals and highly-skilled people, BDA has launched more than 20 favorable policies for them including a policy named "Policy to encourage overseas Chinese to work in BDA". 


Currently BDA has preliminarily formed four pillar industries i.e. of information & communication technology, bio-engineering & new medicine, automobiles and equipment manufacturing.

Industrial Parks

Six featured parks: biomedical industrial park, new media industrial park, new energy automobile industrial park, producer services industrial park, military and civilian industrial park, and new airport industrial park. 


Nearly 4,000 enterprises from over 30 countries and regions all over the world are attracted to settle here, including Benz Daimler Chrysler, Nokia, GE, Bosch, Corning, Danieli, Kimberly-Clark, LG, Cummins, Bayer, ABB, Panasonic, Schneider, Delphi, Aventis, SMIC and BOE.

The total investment amount of all the dwelling enterprises exceeds $40 billion.