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The Investment Association of China Updated: 2018-05-30

The Investment Association of China (IAC) is a national social organization registered as a juridical association at the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is an authoritative organization for promoting investment in China. It is governed by the National Development and Reform Commission.


The Association offers services targeting governments, members and other investment entities according to the statutes approved by the IAC General Assembly.

1. Implementing the policies on economy and promoting the investment industry in China;

2. Offering macro - economic information and guiding investment activities;

3. Reporting the members’ suggestions to governmental departments and providing advice on policy, legislation and major reforms;

4. Conducting theoretical research on investment and organizing experts’ surveys and exchanges;

5. Providing consulting services on project decision, law, accounting, auditing, engineering consulting, supervision and asset appraisal to its members and all kinds of investors;

6. Recommending investment projects, introducing partners and attracting investment to its members and all kinds of investors;

7. Hosting training programs, lectures and on-site inspection for its members and all kinds of investors;

8. Implementing a professional level certification system for investment and construction project managers;

9. Organizing appraisal of high-quality investment projects nationwide and hosting award ceremonies;

10. Boosting international exchange and economic cooperation of its members and all kinds of investors;

11. Promoting self-discipline of its members and safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests;

12. Handling tasks assigned by higher authorities.