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International Investment Forum Updated: 2018-05-31

The International Investment Forum (IIF) serves as a major conduit for China to release policies on two-way investment, an authoritative source of information on international investment, and a platform for domestic and overseas investors to communicate with one another. The mission of IIF is: to strengthen international cooperation on investment, to promote international investment, and to boost global economic growth and mutual prosperity.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and CCTV, and co-organized by Fujian Provincial People's Government and Xiamen Municipal Government, the Forum is held annually from September 8-9 in Xiamen, Fujian province. It is composed of four parts: keynote forum, thematic forum, information release, and networking.

More than 100 domestic and foreign dignitaries including government officials, prominent academic elites and business leaders, have delivered speeches at IIF. IIF has become a world-class forum on global investment, functioning as a major platform for national governments to release authoritative investment policies and coordinate investment mechanisms, and for investment institutions and businesses to exchange investment information.