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China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment Updated: 2018-06-06

Founded in November 1987 in Beijing upon registering at the Ministry of Civil Affairs, China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI), a nationwide non-profit social entity reporting to the Ministry of Commerce, is mainly composed of companies in the territory of China with foreign investment or investment from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas compatriots.


1. Publicizing and implementing the state guidelines, policies, laws and regulations concerning opening up and foreign investment attraction, and making China's investment environment become known to the investors and offering information, advices and other services in order to promote foreign investment inflow into China;

2. Organizing its members to exchange experiences in operation and management, and commending good examples to stimulate mutual improvement;

3. Hearing complaints from its members and conveying the opinions of its members and other foreign investors to the relevant government departments concerning investment environment;

4. On the basis of the authorization or commission by the competent government departments, organizing and coordinating its members to bid for quota for export products or respond to antidumping investigations.

5. Holding training courses, workshops, seminars or investigation tours at the request of its members;

6. Organizing its members to take part in exhibitions at home and abroad;

7. Hosting parties to enhance the friendship and cooperation among its members and to consolidate the linkage and mutual understanding between its members and the government;

8. Developing friendly exchanges with overseas business entities to promote international communication and cooperation;

9. Editing and publishing books and magazines in relation to foreign investment attraction;

10. Handling tasks commissioned by relevant government departments or its members. 


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