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Investment Promotion Agency of MOFCOM Updated: 2018-07-02

CIPA is engaged in Chinese investment promotion process and in charge of “Investing in”(FDI in China) and“Going global" (outbound investment) two-way investment promotion work.


1. CIPA provides service for foreign investment absorption and outbound investment of Chinese enterprises, promotes two-way exchange and cooperation among Chinese and foreign enterprises and helps to upgrade the level of international operation for Chinese enterprises.

2. Under the authorization of the Ministry of Commerce, CIPA undertakes the following works:

(1) Be responsible for implementing the two-way investment promotion work of foreign investment absorption and investment in foreign countries; participating in drawing up and the implementation of the strategy, plan and guiding opinions on foreign investment absorption and outward investment.

(2) Guide and take part in the joint conference for the nationwide investment promotion agencies; guide the work of investment promotion agencies across the country.

(3) Conduct investigation on two-way investment; compile and publish promotion publications, including the Collection of Laws and Regulations on Foreign Investment Utilization, Foreign Investment Statistics in China and Guide to Invest in China.

(4) Organize large cross-regional investment promotion activities and policies briefings on inbound and outbound investment.

(5) Attend the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies and carry on related work on behalf of the Ministry of Commerce.

(6) Organize activities related to bilateral investment promotion agencies.

(7) Establish the contact mechanism with chambers of commerce and associations of Chinese-funded enterprises in foreign countries.

(8) Be responsible for the construction and management of investment promotion websites including ‘Invest in China’; be responsible for the management of the China International Investment Promotion Center; and offer two-way public investment information and consultation service.

(9) Be responsible for routine management of the Industrial Shift Promotion Center and the Nationwide Foreign-invested Enterprises Complaints Center handling related work.

(10) Undertake investment promotion activities hosted and joint hosted in the name of the Ministry of Commerce; lead the organization work (within MOFCOM) of ‘China International Fair for Investment and Trade’ and ‘Expo Central China’.

(11) Undertake the implementation of the investment promotion annual plan of the Ministry of Commerce and assist the work of bidding in overseas cooperation zones; participate in the early-stage examination and check of special funds for investment in foreign countries.

(12) Undertake special investigation and research on absorbing foreign investment and go global assigned by the Ministry of Commerce, providing information support and suggestions to policy decisions.

3. Carry on investment promotion cooperation with relevant international economic organizations; set up the cooperative mechanism with foreign investment promotion agencies, chambers of commerce and associations, negotiating on signing cooperative agreements.

4. Construct, operate, manage and coordinate the nationwide online investment soliciting; organize and carry out online various investment promotion activities; establish and implement the investment environment appraisal system.

5. Engage in such services as consultation, information, market research, credit investigation, and planning for project promotion and investment promotion related to two-way investment; and help enterprises to go through relevant legal formalities.

6. Under authorization of local governments or other departments, bodies and enterprises, conduct special domestic and overseas investigations and researches, carrying out related promotion activities.

7. Plan, organize and implement professional trainings, theme investigations and researches, exhibitions, fairs and other activities related to investment in China or oversea; jointly set up investment promotion representative agency abroad together with local investment promotion agencies, development zones and hi-tech development zones.

8. Undertake other matters assigned by the Ministry of Commerce.


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