Shanghai to host artificial intelligence event in September |

Shanghai to host artificial intelligence event in September Updated: 2018-07-11


Authorities announce on July 4 that the AI World 2018 is set to take place in Shanghai from Sept 17-19. [Photo/]

The AI World 2018, one of the biggest events in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry, is set to take place in Shanghai from Sept 17-19, Shanghai officials announced on July 4.

Government officials, experts and industry leaders from home and abroad will be invited to discuss global AI development trends and AI's increasing influence on the global economy.

It is hoped that the hosting of the event will enhance Shanghai's status of being at the forefront of showcasing the latest AI technology.

Wu Xiang, sub-inspector of the Department of Innovation and Development at the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that Shanghai has laid good foundations in promoting technology and innovation, and recruiting skilled professionals, to develop the AI industry in the city.

Currently, the city is undertaking several projects in the AI sector, including ones relating to brain science and brain-inspired intelligence, intelligent driving, and intelligent imaging, as well as accelerating the application of AI technology in local infrastructure, city management, and public services.

The city also intends to grow the industrial output of its core AI industry to more than 100 billion yuan ($14.49 billion), raise funds of over 100 billion yuan for the development of the local city's AI industry, set up data sets, build six AI demonstration zones, and establish 60 application scenarios in the next two to three years.


Wu Qing, vice mayor of Shanghai, introduces details of the AI World 2018 on July 4. [Photo/]