Guide for foreigners working in China |

Guide for foreigners working in China Updated: 2018-10-16

Requirements for foreigners to be employed in China

In accordance with relevant Chinese laws and regulations, any foreigners seeking employment in China must meet the following conditions:

(1) be 18 years of age or older and in good health;

(2) have the professional skills and job experience required for the intended employment;

(3) have no criminal record;

(4) propose to work for a clearly-defined employer;

(5) have a valid passport or other international travel document in lieu of a passport.


Procedures for foreigners working in China

1) Foreigners who want to work in China should first get in touch with a valid Chinese employer who has an employment license for foreigners issued by a labor administrative bureau.

2) Foreigners with permission to work in China should apply for employment visas at the Chinese embassies.

3) Employers of foreigners should get work permits for their foreign employees within 15 days after their entry into China by providing related documents. The work permit of the employed foreigner shall cease to be effective upon the expiration of the term of the labor contract between the foreigner and their employer.

If renewal is required, the employer should, within thirty days prior to the expiration of the contract, submit an application to the labor administrative authorities for the extension of term of employment, and after approval is obtained, proceed to go through formalities for the extension of the work permit.

4) Foreign employees who have received their work permit should, within 30 days after their entry, apply for a residence permit from their local public security bureau. The term of validity of the residence certificate may be determined in accordance with that of the Work Permit. If a foreigner's residence is canceled for violating Chinese laws or the contract is terminated, his or her employment permit will be canceled.

5) The employers and their foreign employees should conclude a contract in line with law. The term of the contract should be within five years and such a contract can be renewed. Foreign employees in China enjoy the same rights as Chinese employees, namely, the minimum wage, the labor and sanitary standards, the right to rest and leave in accordance with national standards.

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