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Huge West China data center expands in Liangjiang Updated: 2020-07-24
Huge West China data center expands in Liangjiang
A bird's-eye view of the second stage of the data center co-built by China Telecom and Tenglong Holding Group. [Photo/]

The second stage of the Tenglong data center in Liangjiang New Area officially opened recently – after 2,000 data cabinets were switched on, bringing them fully online – making it the biggest single unit data center in West China and the second biggest in China, officials said.

The new area is located amid the main urban districts of the giant municipality of Chongqing in southwestern China. It is north of the Yangtze River and east of the Jialing River, covering 1,200 square kilometers.

Another 2,700 data cabinets will be delivered in December this year, officials said.

To date, a number of companies and governemnt departments -- including Chongqing Healthcare Security Bureau, Chongqing Tobacco and Byte Dance -- have settled in the center.

Co-built by China Teelcom's Chongqing branch and Tenglong Holding Group, the second stage of the center started construction last June, with an investment of 1.3 billion yuan ($185.2 million).

It is estimated that by the end of this year, Tenglong will invest over 2 billion yuan in Liangjiang and deliver 7,000 cabinets in total, which can hold over 100,000 servers.

The first stage of the center, which began operating last June, was designed for Chinese tech giant Tencent.

Currently, Liangjiang is implementing an action plan driven by big data to improve its infrastructure layout and expand its intelligent industrial clusters.

Liangjiang Cloud Computing Industrial Park in Shuitu Development Zone has attracted various data centers to support the development of emerging industries, becoming the largest cloud computing industrial in West China.