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Chongqing Updated: 2020-07-29

Chongqing, located in Southwest China, features mountainous landscape and a strong industrial basis. The municipality is working on digitalization of traditional industries such as automobile and promoting innovation-driven development through intelligent tools like big data. High-end sectors like artificial intelligence, integrated circuit and intelligent internet of vehicles are some of its focus.

Major tech companies such as Tencent and Alibaba built supercomputing centers and industrial internet platforms there, to help digitalization of local manufacturing companies.

A talent alliance was unveiled in December 2019 in Chongqing in a bid to build an integrated system linking government bodies, universities and related enterprises in the big data industry.

The newly established Big-data Industrial Talent Alliance of Chongqing has brought together more than 50 universities and well-recognized tech giants including Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, iFlytek and Inspur Group.

It will focus on setting a unified standard for the cultivation of skilled workers in the big data industry and build a service platform as well as a database to match talent supply and demand.

The city has been striving for a trillion-yuan smart industry in recent years, with more than 3,000 related companies generating an output of 464 billion yuan ($ 66.3 billion) in 2018.