Baishi Ridge Scenic Area in Jiaji town, Qionghai city

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Baishi Ridge Scenic Area in Jiaji town, Qionghai city [Photo provided by Boao Hope City]

The Baishi Ridge Scenic Area is located 12 kilometers southwest of Qionghai city. It covers an area of around 16.24 square kilometers and consists of mountains and ridges. The Denggao Ridge, which measures 328 meters above sea level, has the highest peak in the scenic area. Its shape changes viewed from different angles as it features jagged, grotesque rocks and deep caves. When rain and mist linger, the mountain peak flickers in and out. Climbing along the 1,308 stone steps to the top of the Denggao Ridge, travelers can see the eight differing sceneries of Baishi Ridge and enjoy a spectacular view of the Wanquan River.

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