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Pudong accelerates development of world-class AI industry clusters

english.pudong.gov.cn Updated: 2023-07-06

Pudong, China's trailblazing zone for artificial intelligence (AI) innovation and application, is making strides in its AI industry, showcasing robust growth and leadership.

The region has seen a significant enhancement in technological capabilities, with an array of enterprises spanning the entire industrial chain. As of 2022's end, Pudong was home to over 600 key AI businesses, and the scale of associated industries surpassed 120 billion ($16.58 billion). This development underscores Pudong's AI industry's density and leading edge.

Numerous Pudong firms have earned spots on the prestigious TOP30 list for the 2023 SAIL Awards - the highest honor at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC). Notable among these are XtalPi and Senyi Medical.

With a tightly woven industry layout, each area within Pudong capitalizes on its unique strengths. AIsland at Zhangjiang, the nation's inaugural "5G+AI" full-scene commercial demonstration park and one of Shanghai's earliest specialized industrial parks, has attracted over 100 enterprises since its launch in 2019. Spanning 66,000 square meters (78,900 square yards), AIsland hosts more than 30 futuristic innovative applications, making it the most densely populated and technologically advanced hub for AI talent and corporations in Shanghai.

One of Pudong's distinct advantages in crafting a world-class AI industry cluster lies in its strategic spatial planning. The district is building a "one core, three parks, two ports" data element industry cluster, continually refining its spatial layout. Specialized industrial parks like Zhangjiang Online and Lujiazui Digital Land are rapidly expanding their industrial space.

Simultaneously, the Pudong vigorously fosters the AI industry's growth by focusing on essential support, technological innovation, and forward-looking planning. By leveraging legislative empowerment as a leading district, Pudong has made breakthroughs in data circulation transactions and intelligent networked vehicles, fueling innovative corporate energy.


AIsland Experience Center. [Photo/WeChat account: pdnews]