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Haikou Fullsing Internet Industrial Park

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A view of Fullsing Town Internet Innovation Park. [Photo/WeChat account gjlydsb]

Location & Resources

Fullsing Internet Industrial Park, covering an area of 5.26 hectares, is an “Internet +” innovation demonstration base and an internet industry cluster in Hainan province. The park is divided into the Fullsing Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base in District 1 and the West Coast Internet Headquarters Base in Fullsing Town in District 2.

The Fullsing Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base lies in the heart of the Haikou commercial area, next to Haikou Bay, with three large central parks nearby: Evergreen Park, Century Park and Binhai Park. It covers an area of 52,400 square meters, and has a construction area of 80,000 square meters. The West Coast Internet Headquarters Base is located at the west coast of Haikou, and covers an area of 171,200 square meters with a total planned construction area of 900,000 square meters.

Fullsing Town has a professional working team that can provide policy consultation on business registration, legal services, accounting, taxation, and related matters, and which can guide investors in starting a business quickly. It also provides services such as talent settlement, employee recruitment and training, financing loans, license applications, and work visas.

The town has complete service facilities, including convenience stores, restaurants with different tastes, quiet and comfortable cafes and tea houses. The conference center provides an open space for meetings of different sizes. Five-star hotels and international apartments can satisfy long-term rental and business travel requirements. Shopping malls and commercial streets provide all shopping facilities, and, in terms of sports facilities, there are easily accessible professional runways, stadiums, standard football fields and golf courses.

Developing Positions

As regards industrial positioning, Fullsing Town is dominated by the digital economy and mainly develops the Intelligent Internet of Things, digital trade, fintech (or financial technology) and international offshore innovation. It is committed to becoming an international digital economy headquarters and an international offshore innovation base.

Details of those focuses are:

Intelligent IoT industry: chips, components, sensors, 5G, Internet enabled vehicles and artificial intelligent related products.

Digital trade industry: cross-border data flow, cross-border e-commerce, digital content, and digital service outsourcing.

Fintech technology: blockchain, payments and clearing, investment funds, and investment opportunities.

International offshore innovation and entrepreneurship industry


The Fullsing International Innovation Base, an international innovation center and startup community, is home to more than 1,000 companies, including the regional headquarters of Alibaba, PWC, iQIYI and Byte Dance as well as incubators, venture capital and startup companies. The Fullsing Internet innovation ecosystem has been initially formed.

The Fullsing West Coast Internet Headquarters Base is making a breakthrough in intuitional and industrial innovation. Based on a 5+1 model (5 centers and 1 platform) which includes an International Data Center, a FinTech Center, an Intelligent Internet of Things Center, a “Internet+” Medical Center, an Eco-friendly Energy Application Center and an International Talent One-step Service Platform, and with an industry orientation, it will become an international community park integrating production, research, residence, and entertainment and emerge as a new window for the opening up and innovative development of the Fee Trade Port with an international business environment and the distinctive competitive features of Hainan.


1. Tax exemption, low tax rate, simplified policy

The corporate income tax on enterprises in encouraged industries which are registered and conduct practical operations in Hainan Free Trade Port shall be levied at a reduced tax rate of 15 percent. Domestic and overseas qualified high-end talents and highly-demanded talents can enjoy a preferential personal income tax rate of 15 percent.

2. Corporate tax reward

Up to 80 percent of the provincial and municipal retained portion of the annual corporate income tax and value-added tax will be awarded to enterprises.

3. Personal income tax reward

For employees in the park with annual salary and labor income (including proceeds of equities, share options and intellectual property rights) of 200,000 yuan ($30,500) or more, up to 80 percent of the provincial and municipal retained portion of the income tax and value-added tax will be rewarded.

4. Landing reward

Regional headquarter enterprises (operating income no less than 1.5 billion yuan and local financial contribution no less than 30 million yuan) and high-growth headquarters (having core technology intellectual property rights and local financial contribution no less than 8 million yuan) are eligible for a one-time landing reward of 10 million yuan and 2 million yuan, respectively.

5. Rental subsidy

Newly-located headquarters enterprises will be granted a rental subsidy of no more than 3 million yuan according to 50 percent of the first three years and 30 percent of the following two years. (These subsidies can be deducted through tax incentives).

6. Stock exchange listing reward

30 million yuan for listing on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange (including the Science and Technology Board); 10 million yuan for listing on major overseas stock exchanges; 1.5 million yuan for listing in the national SME share transfer system; 300,000 yuan for listing on the trade board for regional equity trading; 1 million yuan for relocation of a Listed Company registration and taxation to Hainan province.

7. Rental subsidies

5,000 yuan/month for top-notch talents, 3,000 yuan/month for other high-level talents (including urgently needed technical and skilled personnel), 2,000 yuan /month for master graduate, or those with intermediate professional titles, 1,500 yuan /month for bachelor graduate.

8. Housing purchase reward

Master-level talents, outstanding talents and leading talents are freely given by the government the property rights of 200 square meters, 180 square meters, and 150 square meters of talent apartments respectively; top-notch personnel, other high-level talents, undergraduate and graduate students will be awarded with 180,000 yuan, 108,000 yuan, 72,000 yuan, and 54,000 yuan respectively; Fullsing industrial park’s international talent apartments are provided for the park’s talents at a discounted below-market rate.

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