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Tropical High-Production Agriculture

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I. Current Status

(1) Develop Sanya Nanfan Tech Zone: Develop the industrial system of the Nanfan Tech Zone based on scientific research, focusing on the core industry of seed technology, and featuring tropical agricultural science.

(2) Build a transit base for the introduction of global animal and plant germplasm resources: Build a transit base that integrates quarantine, reserve protection, industrial application and trade functions.

(3) Industrial development status: An industrial pattern has been put in place with top domestic R&D teams such as the Hainan Seed Innovation Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and key players such as Sinochem.

II. Development Direction

(1) Fundamental Industry

R&D of crops, trees, flowers and plants, livestock and aquatic products in Nanfan

(2) Core Industry

Biological breeding technology, seed trade, and seed technology intellectual property transactions. By 2030, Hainan will achieve its goal of "five modernizations": industrialization, specialization, integration, marketization, and globalization.

(3) Featured Industry

Tropical crop technology, tropical agricultural service, tropical agricultural tourism

III. New Opportunities for FTP Investment

Premium breeds rewards

50 percent of the introduction cost

As much as 3 million yuan ($466,500) for raising high-efficiency premium seedlings

Talent subsidies

One-time subsidy of as much as 20 million yuan

Rent-free venues or one time subsidy on self-purchased houses

Loan subsidy

Subsidy on loan of as much as 50 percent of the benchmark interest

Facility subsidies

Large research instruments

Seed and agricultural industry-related facilities

Procurement of R&D equipment by research platform

Joint R&D subsidies

Cooperation with foreign research institutions

High-tech enterprise R&D projects

Conference and exhibition projects

Purchase of research results

IV. Recommended Industrial Parks

(1) Sanya National Agricultural Science and Technology Park

(2) Hainan Danzhou National Agricultural Science and Technology Park

(3) Hainan Lingshui National Agricultural Science and Technology Park

(4) Dongfang Nanfan Rice Seed Production Modern Agricultural Industrial Park

(5) Sanya Wanxiang Rainforest Modern Agricultural Industrial Park

V. Successful Enterprises

(1) Luoniushan Co Ltd

(2) Hainan Shennong Genetic Technology Co Ltd

(3) Hainan Yongqing Green Agricultural Food Processing Co Ltd

(4) Hainan Yutai Science and Technology Fodder Co Ltd

(5) Hainan Xiangtai Fishery Co Ltd

Boao Lecheng Specialist Clinic Project
Qionghai, Hainan Province
500 million yuan
Mei'an Biomedical Industrial Park Project
Haikou, Hainan Province
20 billion yuan


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