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In 2020, 44,778 students had graduated from Hainan province's 19 colleges and universities by the end of the summer. Over 82 percent of them had successfully landed a first job, and among that lucky majority three out of five chose to remain in Hainan.

An pretty impressive achievement in itself - remember, this was 2020 with a ongoing pandemic - yet not even remotely adequate for Hainan with its ambitious plan for an island-wide Free Trade Port, which according to government documents will focus on trade and investment liberalization and facilitation.

In short, it's a grand cause that badly needs more hands, or to be precise talented specialists. And Hainan is indeed welcoming global talents with wide open arms.

In 2018, the island launched the "Million Talents for Hainan Recruitment" campaign, which aims to attract by 2025 all sorts of talents and specialists needed for its three major pillars (tourism, service and high-tech industries) as well as its key industries, which include seed breeding, medical care, education, sports, telecommunications, internet, culture, maintenance, finance and shipping.

The program promises various policy supports in talents' localization, visa regulations, property/vehicle purchases, loan applications, achievement awards, startup incubation, health care, school kids' education and even partners' employment. In 2020 alone, the provincial capital city of Haikou invested over 24 million yuan ($3.67 million) for talents' housing subsidies. Over 72,500 people settled in the city in the past two years thanks to the program.

After the launch of the Hainan FTP in 2020, more preferential policies have been introduced to facilitate its talent recruitment.

The visa-free policy for people from 59 countries and the convenient cross-border flow of data make it easier for high-tech talents to work in Hainan.

More accommodative traveling regulations will be implemented to encourage talent in high-end industries to stay, reside or work in the free trade port.

High-end talents and highly-demanded talents employed in the Hainan FTP are entitled to a maximum personal income tax rate of 15 percent.

The FTP also offers one-time subsidies of as much as 20 million yuan and rent-free venues or one- time subsidies on self-purchased residences for highly-needed specialists.

For more information on the Hainan FTP, its most-needed specialists and latest preferential policies, feel free to call the hotline below:

Hainan Talent Development Bureau

(Talent Service Center)

Tel: 86-0898-66501217


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