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Haikou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

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Haikou National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. [Photo/WeChat account gjlydsb]


Haikou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, established in 1991, is the only national hi-tech industrial development zone in Hainan province. With a total land area of 85.42 square kilometers, the zone is located at the heart of Haikou City - the political, economic and cultural center of Hainan. Adjacent to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia, it is a transportation hub that connects the Chinese mainland with the Southeast Asia region.

It is comprised of seven parks, which are distributed throughout Haikou's main urban areas. They are:

Mei'an Ecological Science and Technology New Park

The Medicine Valley Industrial Park

Yunlong Industrial Park

Mission Hills Tourism Area

Shizi Ridge Industrial Park Phase I

Haima Industrial Park

Haikou Fullsing Town West Coast Area

Developing Positions

Haikou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone is constructing two platforms: a manufacturing platform with advanced tech at its core, and a modern service industry platform with the internet and the headquarters economy at its core. These two platforms focus primarily on pharmaceuticals and medical devices, low-carbon manufacturing, and information technology. They are aimed at developing a healthy economy, an information economy, and a green economy, and are striving to build up a hi-tech industrial demonstration area in Hainan Free Trade Port.

The primary industries of this zone are as follows: the headquarters economy, pharmaceuticals, high-tech industries, healthcare, new materials, tourism, internet industries, modern service industries, modern logistics, low-carbon pharmaceutical production, and high-end equipment manufacturing.


In 2019, there were more than 550 enterprises in the park, including 56 high-tech enterprises and five listed companies. The zone has 33 percent of the province’s high-tech enterprises and 50 percent of the city’s innovative enterprises, all kinds of engineering and technology centers, as well as 27 key laboratories. It attracts a large number of experts, scholars and overseas returnees through the “1,000 Talents Plan”.

It also has the province’s largest entrepreneurial incubator and other entrepreneurial bases, and an expert advisory committee containing four Nobel Prize laureates. A drug laboratory and other public technical service platforms have been established inside the hi-tech zone. In 2019, the zone was included on the list of National Intellectual Property Demonstration Parks.

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